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Thanks, you are the only person that’s managed to make any sense out of this MTD so far, Mike Bradbury [Mike Bradbury Ltd, using our products for the past 9 years].

Keep producing the accounts spreadsheet, its spot on ! It enables me to run my own accounts all year (I'm a civil engineer). My work is then handed over to an accountant, who produces the companies house submission.  Works very well ! [Tony Gee TGP Construction Services Limited, using our products for the past 7 years]

Reacting to our MTD product launch - Thanks so much that is great news…I did not fancy the prospect of having to get used to a completely new system! Lynn Haigh [Bundle of Sticks Ltd, using our products for the past 8 years]

Our simple Accounting Spreadsheets are used by over 6,000 small business. Choose from the ever popular EASY Accounting Spreadsheets which caters for both Non VAT and VAT Registered businesses, or the CASH Book Accounting range  which is designed for those businesses using the Cash Accounting method for both VAT and bookkeeping.

The more advanced PLUS range of Accounting Spreadsheets are suitable for all VAT Accounting Schemes and incorporate a Full set of Final Accounts together with Self-Assessment and Partnership Tax Returns.

Our range of  Excel accounting templates are suitable for Small Limited Companies, Self-Employed Professionals, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Clubs and other 'Not for Profit' organisations.

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What our CUSTOMERS are saying ...

Just thought I'd drop you a quick email to say many thanks for the amazing spreadsheet. I have just come back from a meeting from my accountant who was very impressed with the spreadsheet you have created. They are a fairly large accounting firm based in the Scottish Borders and have seen many accounting spreadsheet systems used by their clients. My Accountant said it was the best he's ever seen and that if he had any future clients seeking a similar system he will give them your website address. Brenda Grieve, Director, REBZ Ltd 

Your product was chosen by my other half who ran the accounts for a large charitable organisation, the choice was due to the simplicity and no nonsense approach of the product, so for me not having all the time in the world to look at numbers it’s very easy to input day to day transactions and see exactly where I am. Chris Sudall, Director, The Dive Shop

" Designed and supported by professional accountants and with over 6,000 of our Excel Accounting Spreadsheets and Bookkeeping Templates already sold, you can be certain that our low cost accounting software products will be ideal for your small business. " 

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Financial, Administrative and other Business Templates 

To compliment our accounting programs and with the focus on small and growing businesses we have developed a comprehensive range of useful and easy to use Business Templates all of which have been developed using Microsoft Excel.

Please review our comprehensive library of business templates and administrative tools. From a simple report template to a range of budgeting spreadsheets, we can help ... 

All of our Excel Templates are easy to use and available for immediate download. Choose from the following categories: 


Accounting Template
Business Plan Template
Bookkeeping Spreadsheet
Cash Flow Template 
Cash Book & Bank Reconciliation
Expenses Template
Invoicing Template - Services
Vehicle Mileage Template 
Invoicing Template - Products
Time Sheet Template 
Money Manager Software 
Loan Calculator 
Profit & Loss Forecasting
Advanced Cash Flow Forecasting

Here is a quick summary of some of our more popular products ... 

Invoice Template - The preparation of Invoices, Quotations, Delivery Notes, Advice Notes can be easily automated with our range of competitively priced Invoicing Templates.  Our invoicing spreadsheet range includes both a Product Invoice Template and a Service Invoice Template. 

All of our easy to use Invoice Templates incorporate a Sales Day Book which keeps a detailed running total of ALL of your Invoices and Credit Notes, ideal for Sales Analysis and VAT Returns. A simple monthly sales report can also be produced for entry into our Accounting Spreadsheets. The Excel Invoice Template programs have all been designed to incorporate a Sales Invoice database. So ALL of your Invoices and Data are retained within the program for re-printing or analysis. 


Business Plan Template - To save you creating a business plan why not review our sample business plan page. Here you will find our Small Business Plan Template and other business plan examples. Using our standard Business Plan Model we have developed an Excel spreadsheet that brings together a Budget Planner Spreadsheet and a 12 month Accounts Template. 

The accounts template consolidates all of your sales and overhead data into a comprehensive Profit and Loss Template. Your working capital position and fixed assets register are incorporated into a detailed Balance Sheet Template. Our affordable Business Plan Software is the easy way to manage the future of your business. 


Cash Flow Forecast - In today’s economic climate, with the reluctance of banks to fund liquidity, cash flow management is paramount. Our Cash Flow Forecast Template will help you manage your businesses financial resources.

Producing a detailed Cash Flow Statement our spreadsheet simplifies Cash Flow Analysis and enables you to evaluate Cash Flow Projections and ' What If ' scenarios.We all know that for a healthy business ' Cash is King ' - Invest in a Cash Flow Template today. 

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