About Mr.SpreadSheet ...

Shane Udall founder Mr.SpreadSheet.co.uk


Mr.Spreadsheet is Shane Udall,

a business school graduate and Price Waterhouse trained accountant. 


For the past 30 years Shane has run his accounting practice and consultancy business Heron Accounting Services.
During this time Shane has developed numerous spreadsheet based applications for businesses of all sizes. 
Calling on his knowledge of Microsoft Excel and recognising the need for low cost accounting software, Shane developed the popular ‘Small Business Accounting Software’ range of Excel based bookkeeping solutions for small businesses.
The software was initially designed to help his smaller clients with their bookkeeping requirements, thus enabling them to avoid incurring extra accountancy charges for the data input element of their accounts.  
Now, with 1000’s of these low cost programs already sold, Shane has gone on to develop numerous other low cost business applications and using the Mr.Spreadsheet brand these products are now available for purchase via this web site.