Help Desk

We aim to provide you with both the software needed to manage your business and with the support and advice necessary for you to achieve the best results.


Our support services include:

  • 4 Support Videos - To guide you through Set Up and Usage
  • An ONLINE accountant to help with accounting and bookkeeping issues
  • Complete support on the software and its functionality
  • Support which is available 24/7

 Here are the links to our FOUR Support videos:

  • Activating the Product and how to Save and store Backups
  • How to get the most out of the Monthly Worksheets
  • How to use Excels Filtering Facility
  • MTD - How we record and submit your VAT Returns
Trusted Locations in Excel
Making Tax Digital
Easy Accounting Software
Filtering In Excel


 All our accounting software products come with 14 days free support.


Support Upgrade Pack 

The ‘Support Upgrade Pack’ entitles you to unlimited support for the product for 12 months.

Competitively priced at just £49.99 pa.  [please request full details] 

Our unique 'Support Pack' offers two distinct types of support:

  • Support on the software product
  • Support on general accounting problems.

We are not aware of any other company that offers both types of support. 


How does the support work? 

If you have a product query then : 

Please review the system notes relating to your program, quite often you will find the answer to your query there. If not then please follow the procedures below: 

  • Draft an email outlining your query to
  • Attach a copy of your workbook to the email.
  • In the email header enter your ‘Support Code’ followed by the program name.
  • Please supply a day time telephone contact number.
  • Send the email to us and we will reply as soon as we are able. 

If you have an accounting or bookkeeping problem then - Simply send an email detailing your question to


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