Excel Macro security

Accounting Spreadsheets and Macro Security...

One of the most common questions customers ask relates to the use of Macro Security in our products.

To automate routines within our software, most of our Accounting Spreadsheets use a programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Whenever you attempt to load an Excel spreadsheet that uses VBA, you will be warned of this fact. (This is for your protection, as VBA could be used to introduce viruses or malware into your system).

So, in order to load any Excel spreadsheet that uses VBA, you will need to ' Allow Macros '. (Macros are just another name for VBA programs).

Detailed instructions on how to 'Enable Macros' are outlined in our Macro Security pdf document supplied as part of your download pack, or you can follow the link below for our help page on the subject.

What will happen if I do not 'Enable Macros’...?

Quite simply you will lose certain functionality within the program, for example you will not be able to 'Add Lines' or perform sort routines, or use the Menu systems.